Private Training

We’re your secret weapon – we take care of the complicated stuff leaving you to focus on what matters. We teach you the movements, constantly correcting and refining them to ensure you have a safe and productive workout. We’re here to motivate you and help you achieve the impossible. We ensure your success by keeping you accountable. Our one-one-one personal training sessions are best suited for the following:

  • Weight Loss: To get rid of those extra pounds, we get your heart rate up and force your body to tap into those fat stores for fuel.
  • Strength Training: Want to not only look good but feel great too? This is the way to do it. Get that look you’ve always wanted and feel better than ever at the same time!
  • Performance Enhancement: For athletes or anyone who has a desire for increased performance during sports or activities, we have you covered!

If you have a weight, health or performance goal, we have the experience and knowledge to get you there.

Semi-Private Training

If you’re interested in training but are searching for a more economical option, we have you covered. Our semi-private training sessions give you the benefits of personal training and the extra motivation from your friend or partner all at a reduced cost to you. Train with a partner and reach for your goals as a team! You can’t lose!

Athletic Strength Training & Conditioning

If you’re an athlete looking to increase performance, our strength training programs are just what you need. The foundation of a great athlete is built upon strength. Get strong and take your performance to the next level. Contact us for more information.

Youth Fitness

It’s never too early to begin your pursuit of fitness. We introduce kids to proper training techniques and hard work while keeping the atmosphere friendly and fun. We work on developing a strong physical foundation that will stick with them throughout their lifetime. Strength training, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility work are all emphasized throughout these programs.

We strongly believe that introducing your child to physical fitness is one of the best gifts you can give them. Whether they choose to participate in sport during or after these programs or just learn to appreciate the importance of fitness, these programs are great for building self-confidence and persistence and sets them up for a healthy and prosperous future.

Nutritional Guidance

We provide basic nutritional guidance and advice to all of our clients. While this is often all that is needed to set you on the right track towards achieving your goals, we understand that some people would like to take it to the next level. We are lucky to have partnered with Rachel Caven Nutrition to fulfil this need.

In-depth nutritional guidance for all Legit Fitness clients is available through Rachel Caven Nutrition. (

Complete Nutritional Assessment

Personalized Weight Loss Programs

Personalized Digestion Program

Body Composition Testing