Rob Lalonde - Owner / Fitness TrainerRob Lalonde, CF-L1 Trainer


As a child I was always extremely active. Hockey, football, baseball, soccer and lacrosse are all sports that I had the privilege of participating in growing up. In my mid-teens, I began to take a keen interest in weightlifting. Over the years, my appreciation and understanding of physical fitness and proper nutrition has grown immensely. I’ve seen the difference that these can make in people of all ages and it was this realization that pushed me to pursue fitness as a career.

No one is too young or too old to get started and everyone can benefit from daily physical activity. Nothing is more satisfying then being able to help facilitate a positive change in someone’s life and as a fitness professional, I am able to make my small contribution to the lives of others, each and every day.

One of the reasons that I chose to start Legit Fitness is because I didn’t like the way the corporate gyms treated their clients. To them, it was just a numbers game. They promise you the world, have you sign your life away and forget about you after that. That isn’t something that I can get behind.

I care about the people I work with and my number one priority is to make sure that they achieve the results that they came for. I treat each and every one of my clients as I would a friend. All I ask in return is your unwavering commitment to work hard during each and every session. I firmly believe that commitment is the difference maker and together, any goal is achievable. I will be there every step of the way.

That is my commitment to you.